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Guest Artist Spotlight
Fiber Magickians excelling at their craft

Sandra Davis is a long-time witch and priestess who loves the "Craft" I love creating anything from cross stitch, crochet, doll making and a true miniaturist. I love to create an unusual piece like my Mother Earth Tree! You can catch me on Facebook or Etsy.  WillowsPaganShop - Etsy

Mama Gina is a full-time singer/songwriter, fearless storyteller, and wanderlust. With down-to-earth, bluesy vocals, a bit of humor, and straight-ahead, rhythmic, acoustic guitar, djembe and frame drum, she tells the true stories that fall into her head and heart. She sings of our responsibility to nurture both the mundane and the Divine. In her spare time, she gets crafty making cloaks and other lovely garments in sacred space. 

Mama Gina, Fearless Bard and Folk Artist (

She Walks the Stars | Mama Gina (

Birch Von Baum is a word smith and Fiber Magick Apprentice. She contributes to the blog page on this website. 


Bonnie Kauffman Artist

Bonnie's art 4.jpg

Bonnie Kauffman majored in art in college until deciding to become a Registered Nurse. After a career in Oncology Nursing, she rediscovered her passion for painting and drawing. Bonnie has illustrated several books including the original Fiber Magick. Find out more on her Facebook page Bonnie Kauffman Artist | Facebook


Sara J McAllister

Crafter and Author

Frank E. and Mussy share their everyday antics on Facebook @EDWFEAM and they join Sara on

Instagram @thecraftedcorner and on TikTok @s.mack123 for silly fun. Frank E. merchandise can be found at

Since middle school, Sara has dreamed of being a writer. Her imagination has kept her entertained with the stories she makes up and she loves to share them with others. At the age of 8, she learned to crochet as is the tradition in her family and she taught herself to knit when she was 15. She continues to learn new crafts, techniques and languages because she believes that a life spent learning is a life free from judgment of others and leads to open-mindedness.  Her first book, "The Adventures of Frank E. Furtor: Welcome to Foodville" was a journey into the self-publishing world. She is currently looking for a traditional publisher to help her tell more of The Furtornator and Yellow Avengers heroic tales. In the meantime, Frank E. and Mussy share their everyday antics on Facebook @EDWFEAM and they join Sara on Instagram @thecraftedcorner and on TikTok @s.mack123 for silly fun. Frank E. merchandise can be found at

Foodville gang.jpg

Serendipity Wyrd

Founder | Guide | Magical Mentor

A place for weirdos, witches, rebels!


      Serendipity Wyrd - YouTube




I'm Carrie Anderson.

I have been crocheting for as long as I can remember. I use vintage and secondhand yarn from thrift stores. My work is mostly freestyle. I focus on vintage clothing and on granny squares. I use my time in nature to inspire my own designs.

I just wrote an article about my crochet and witchcraft in Witch Zine. It’s free to read if interested.

Thank you @caresreiki on Instagram

Wolf Track Drums


Karl the Drum Guy hand ties 5-sided hand drums in such a way that the cords form a pentacle on the back. All drums are made of sustainable woods (often reclaimed) and hides gleaned from the food industry (usually goat)

Wolf Track Drums | Facebook

pentegram drum front.jpg
Pentegram drum back.jpg

Linda Happenny

Keep It Simple Crafts

 Keep It Simple Crafts | Facebook

Linda's work.jpg

Linda Happenny

Keep It Simple Crafts | Facebook

Linda is a Healing Witch. She is a Reiki Master and a Certified Spiritual Healer. Her crafts are made from her energy. She does healings on domestic animals as well as humans. Long distance healing is also available on request.


Sacred Bracelets Studios by Jennifer Sieck 



How do I create my unique pieces you might be wondering? What goes into it? And how does Sacred Bracelets design process differ from all the others? 
Let me share...

Intuitive Jewelry design is about holding a specific set of spiritual and artistic intentions during the design process. This enables me to use my intuition and yet draw from inspirations as I create each signature design. I use this intuitive connection as well as my alchemy bowl in the first stage of the process. This is where the beads and my imagination sit and brew, and where the first real magic starts. It is here too that I begin to gather the energy for each piece. The alchemy bowl enables me to gather the energies of all the symbols, desires and dreams all together and let them steep and brew. It is this clear, deep, intention that allows me to design from a place that connects with the imagination and intuition as well. I like to say that each piece comes through my hands, not from them. 
After the intention setting phase, the actual hands-on work begins. Sacred Bracelet's enchanting coils are created by wrapping semi-precious stones, recycled findings, silver, brass, copper, chain, charms and/or spectrum rainbow colored wire work. special place, dream scene, animal totems, chakra colors, sacred number connection, or a bit of all of these. My work is displayed and sold through my Facebook, Instagram, Etsy Shop as well various social media art and metaphysical groups. Sacred Bracelets Studios has open gallery hours and offers private viewings.

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