Finger Knitting, Ragnarok, and this weeks Viking Adventures

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

You can feel the excitement in the air as plans are being made for this coming Saturday (9/15/18). Clan Fara is hosting a Viking Village at the Mabon Harvest Festival. The Festival is open to the public so be there if you can. Fiber Magick will be there. So will Wolf Track Drums and about 20 other venders. Bring a picnic or buy food there. Join the workshops and just hang out. It starts at 2pm and runs till 9ish. We end the day with ritual and this year the theme is folk magick. Yay!

Here's all the details...

At 2:30 I will be in the Village teaching the art of finger knitting. Now this might seem a little strange to those who know me. I know it does to me. I have spent much time and energy making sure people know what I do is CROCHET. lol

I started out believing I could keep a class in casting spells with finger crochet in under 20 minutes but soon realized that there might be more to the subject. I have no doubt there will be spell casting with finger crochet here in the future. Stay tuned...

For now I will dare to confuse you even more by knitting with my fingers.

When I researched finger knitting I found the cutest snake pattern. It's simple and quick and fits the day perfectly. Combining folk magick with Viking lore and ending up with the ultimate serpent... Jörmungandr.