Pattern for the Stressapuss

You will need:

1 4in stress ball

4 oz. of 4-ply yarn

small amount of black yarn

crochet hook H/8

yarn needle




Ch 2

Rd 1 - 8 Hdc in 2nd Ch from hook

Rd 2 - 2 Hdc in each St around

Rd 3 - {1 Hdc, 2Hdc} around

Rd 4-5 - 1 Hdc in each St around

Rd 6 - In back loops only {1Hdc, 2 Hdc tog} around

Rd 7 - In both loops 2 Hdc tog around

Fasten off leaving tail to weave through remaining 8 stitches

Draw closed, knot and hide end inside


Attach yarn with slip stich to any front loop on Rd 6

*Chain 16 Work 2 Hdc in each St back to head

Skip 1 loop, slip stitch in next 2 loops*

Repeat between ** 7 more times

Fasten off and hide end inside


Embroider a simple smiley face on head


Squeeze your little Stressapus in both hands and recite

"Stressapuss my little friend

Take my worries make them end

With just a little squeeze it's clear

You make my worries disappear"

So Mote It Be

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