Fiber Magick is a Spiritual Path for the Crafter. Our energy gets into everything we make so why not do it with Intention?

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The Latest News

 The book title is set:

   Fiber Magick

A Witch's Guide to Spellcasting using

Crochet, Knotwork, and Weaving

Got a peek of the cover art. 

Launch date: October 2021

About the Author


About the Author/Designer

“The Goddess has been with me all my life though I have not always recognized her as such. As a child a black cat would play with me for hours. I have always appreciated my alone time. As an adolescent an owl was a constant. Drawn on my notebooks, embroidered on my jeans and I found comfort there. As a young adult, I grew to appreciate the spider as my spirit guide and I have crocheted webs of fantasy. Today, as a crone, I am visited by all three and I am never alone." ~ Opal Luna


Opal Luna is a crone that has developed her own tradition, Fiber Magick, A Spiritual Path for the Crafter. She serves as an elder in the Pagan Community, and an ordained minister through Moon Path Circle. She and her husband Karl, the drum guy, are active members with the CUUPS group at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Lauderdale. She enjoys participating and presenting a variety of pagan topics and rituals, such as an annual ritual in June calling for protection during the Hurricane season.


As a Reiki practitioner, Opal Luna infuses healing in all of her crafting. So began the evolution from crafting to Craft and the path of Fiber Magick was born.

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