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Fiber Magick is a Spiritual path for the Crafter.

Our energy gets into everything we make so why not do it with Intention? This is my practice with every item I create.

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We have crocheters, weavers, crystal grid constructors, a Tarot card presented by TFT Tarot for Today every day. The only thing missing is you. Join the Fiber Magick Coven and add your brand of crafting magick to the mix.

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Guest of the Month


Linda Happenny

Linda Happenny


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Linda is a Healing Witch. She is a Reiki Master and a Certified Spiritual Healer. Her crafts are made from her energy. She does healings on domestic animals as well as humans. Long distance healing is also available on request.

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About the Author/Designer


“The Goddess has been with me all my life though I have not always recognized her as such. As a child a black cat would play with me for hours. I have always appreciated my alone time. As an adolescent an owl was a constant. Drawn on my notebooks, embroidered on my jeans and I found comfort there. As a young adult, I grew to appreciate the spider as my spirit guide, and I have crocheted webs of fantasy. Today, as a crone, I am visited by all three and I am never alone." ~ Opal Luna

Opal Luna is a Crone, Priestess of Minerva, and Fiber Magickian. She is the author of “Fiber Magick, A Witch’s Guide to Spellcasting with Crochet, Knotwork, and Weaving”. She serves as the President on the board of Abelina’s Grove, a Pagan congregation serving Southeast Florida. As such she enjoys facilitating rites of passage, presenting a myriad of topics, and leading rituals such as an annual ritual calling for protection during Hurricane season.

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