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Most of my creations are one of a kind. I like to upcycle and love a good challenge. Check out my Instagram Feed for ideas. 

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All prices below are before Shipping rates


Basic Blanket Prices
Toddler -----$50-------30”X40”

All sizes are approximate
Additional charges may accrue due to design

Stressapus... $15

4" stress ball covered by an octopus

Basic Poppet Prices

Goddess, Green Man, Mermaid,

Unicorn, Voo Doo Dolls, Dragons

6-9 inch - $15 

10-13 inch - $25 

14-17 inches - $35

18-21 inches - $45 

Creature Friends

Baby Yoda, Baby Baph,

Cthulhu, Papa Cinnamon,

Plague Doctor - $45 

Shawls and Ponchos

Owls... child $45 - adult $65

Dragons... $75

Hippie Poncho... $65

Groovy Granny Poncho... $65


Witch's hat... $35

Top Hat... $35

Beret... $20

Character beanie... $20 

Mandalas... $25 - $45

Any Mandala can be made in any size with or without Chimes. Choose the colors and pattern.

Chakra Dolls...$30

Choose full color or pockets

Hand Bags...$25

Lined and embellished for a one of a kind look. I want to hear your vision

Candle Cozies... $5

Sigils... $3

Create sets by color or sigil

Peace sign,  Pentagram,  Heart,  Dragonfly