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White Structure

All Prices are Before Shipping

Fiber Magick Kits...$12 each

Choose from Poppet Purpose, Knot Magick, Infused Yarn with hook and candle cozy pattern, or Ladder and Bracelet

Fiber Magick Kits.jpg

Snakes...$20 each

Tie them in a knot or wear them on your neck

Choose your color or colors

Knotted Snake.jpg

Creature Babies... $35

Choose from Baby Baph

Lil Lord Cthulhu, Medusa, or Cyclops

Creature Friends.jpg

Lotus Lights...$20
Choose your colors
LED tealight is included

Lotus light 3.jpg
Lotus light 4.jpg
Lotus light 2.jpg

Custom Made Handfasting Cords...$45

Choose your colors and embellishments to make them a personal expression of your commitment

handfasting cords.jpg

Ram Horn Beanie... $35

Choose your colors 

Ram Horn Beanie back.jpg
Ram Horn Beanie side.jpg
Flower and Horns hat.jpg

Dragon Hood...$45

Ceremonial headpiece to use in

ritual or meditation

dragon hood.jpg
Dragon Hood 2.jpg

Basic Blanket Prices
Toddler -----$50-------30”X40”

All sizes are approximate
Additional charges may accrue due to design

Flower pot blanket.jpg
Groovy Granny .jpg

Stressapus... $15
4" stress ball covered by an octopus. Perfect for home or the office or wherever stress is found.

Havr a Nice Day.jpg
Stressapuss 2.jpg

Goddess Poppets...$15 each

Choose from 3 different styles. Choose your colors and embellishments to make it your own.

Poppets can include an herb or oil in the stuffing for extra magick.


  1    2    3

Sprouts...$25 each

Choose between the Vine (1) or Root (2) design. Choose the colors and embellishments to make it your own.

teen green.jpg

   1        2

Unicorns...$35 each

Choose between lying flat (1)

or standing tall (2). Choose the colors and embellishments to make it your own. Add an oil or herb in the stuffing for extra magick.


Owl Shawl...$75

Choose your colors and this owl can be winging its way to you.

Owl Shawl.jpg
night owl.jpg
Owl Shawls.jpg

Witch's Hats...$35 each
This is the same pattern that is in the book "Fiber Magick, A Witch's Guide to Spellcasting with Crochet, Knotwork, and Weaving.
Choose your colors and embellishments to make it your own.


Witch's Hats.jpg

Chakra Dolls...$30
Choose full color to work with the chakra areas
​or pockets to add crystals or herbs to the 

Chakra dog and cat also available

Chakra buddy.jpg
chakra doll.jpg
Chakra dog and cat.jpg
Chakra dog and cat belly.jpg

Hippie Bags...$25-$45
Lined and embellished for a one-of-a-kind look. Choose the colors, lining, and embellishments to make it your own.
Every bag has a small inside pocket to hold a spell bag.

hand bags.jpg

Mr. Mushie... $15
6 oz. stash jar
choose the color and design of the cap

Mr. Mushie.jpg
Mr. Mushie open.jpg

Mandalas... $25 - $45
Any Mandala can be made in any size with or without Chimes. Choose the colors and pattern.

peace mandala.jpg
Tree of Life Chimes.jpg

Candle Cozies... $5 each
Sigils... $3 each

Create sets by color or sigil
Peace sign, Heart, Pentagram, or Dragonfly


Snood and Shawl 


Mesh beret with pentagram center... $25

Mesh shawl with 5 pentagrams... $75

Get them both... $90

Snood and shawl.jpg