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Start Your Magick

Browse this page then Fill out this form stating what you want and some details for your design and we will start your magick.


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Here's an example of how your vision can be magicked up if we work together

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Ways to Pay

Pay Pal -

Venmo - @Alba-Kauffman

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Check out my Instagram feed for inspiration on your magickal make.

Alba Opal Fibermagick (@fibermagick) • Instagram photos and videos

Witch Hat with Feather, Snake, Pollinator, Mushroom, or  Raffia Garden Hat...$45

Choose your colors and style

These hats are my signature item and are very popular at festivals and conventions.

Snake hat 4.jpg
Snake hat 1.jpg
dragonfly hat.jpg
Melissa Bee hat.jpg

Get a snek for your hat or your neck

Hat w/snek...$45

Extra snek...$15

Snake hat 1.jpg



Fresno Nightcrawler


Fresno front.jpg

Beholder ...$45

Choose your colors


Owl or Raven Shawl...$75

Choose your colors and this bird can be winging its way to you.

Owl Shawl.jpg

Altar Goddess...$45-$60

Choose the goddess and I will make her to order 

butterfly halters.jpg

Butterfly Halters...$35

Choose your colors

Quote the Raven...$15

choose eye color - 

pink, blue, green, gold, or red

Water Bottle Holders...$10

Choose your color

bottle carrier.jpg

Dragons and Dragoons...$35

Choose your colors and Style

Style One

Oatmeal drogon.jpg

Style Two

Sprouts...$30 each

Choose between the

Vine (1)

Root (2) or

Mushroom (3) design.


Choose the colors and embellishments to make it your own.

teen green.jpg

   1              2


Wobble buddies.jpg
Foodville gang.jpg

Adventures in Foodville 

Book - $15

Frank E. Doll - $25

Mussy Doll - $15

Frank E. Cup - $15

Mussy Cup - $15

"This Guy"...$60

Naughty or Nice in the flip of an eyebrow.

Snakes...$20 each

Tie them in a knot or wear them on your neck

Choose your color or colors

Knotted Snake.jpg

Fiber Magick Kits...$12 each

Choose from Poppet Purpose, Knot Magick, Infused Yarn with hook and candle cozy pattern, or Ladder and Bracelet

Fiber Magick Kits.jpg

Lotus Lights...$20
Choose your colors
LED tealight is included

Lotus light 1.jpg

Creature Babies... $35

Choose from Baby Baph

Lil Lord Cthulhu, Medusa, or Cyclops

Creature Friends.jpg
Ram Horn Beanie side.jpg

Ram Horn Beanie... $45

Choose your colors 

Custom Made Handfasting Cords...$45

Choose your colors and embellishments to make them a personal expression of your commitment

handfasting cords.jpg

Basic Blanket Prices
Toddler -----$50-------30”X40”

All sizes are approximate
Additional charges may accrue due to design

pentegram blanket.jpg
Sally Slanket.jpg

Dragon Hood...$45

Ceremonial headpiece to use in

ritual or meditation.

Choose your color combinations.

Dragon Hood 2.jpg

Goddess Poppets...$15 each

Choose from 3 different styles. Choose your colors and embellishments to make it your own.

Poppets can include an herb or oil in the stuffing for extra magick.


  1    2    3

Stressapus... $15
4" stress ball covered by an octopus. Perfect for home or the office or wherever stress is found.

Havr a Nice Day.jpg
Stressapuss 2.jpg

Unicorns...$35 each

Choose the colors and embellishments to make it your own. Add an oil or herb in the stuffing for extra magick.


Chakra Dolls...$30
Choose color of body. Pockets to add crystals or herbs to the 

chakra doll.jpg

Hippie Bags...$30
Lined with jeans and embellished for a one-of-a-kind look.
Choose the colors  and embellishments to make it your own.

Hippie bags.jpg

Mr. Mushie... $15
6 oz. stash jar
choose the color and design of the cap

Mr. Mushie.jpg
Mr. Mushie open.jpg
Mushroon pouch.jpg

Mushroom Bags

Drawstring bags with mushroom cap top

Small... $15

Medium... $20

Large... $25

mushroom bag 11.jpg

Envelope Tarot Bags... $20 each

100% Cotton

Choose your color 

Tarot card bags.jpg

Original Fiber Magick Bundle...$20

The self-published book with a kit which includes what you need for the Chakra bracelet and witch's ladder

Dragon or Raven Shawl...$95 each

Choose from Dragon or Raven in your choice of colors

Raven Shawl.jpg
Dragon Shawl.jpg

About the Author/Designer

Opal Luna is a Crone, Priestess of Minerva, and Fiber Magickian. She is the author of “Fiber Magick, A Witch’s Guide to Spellcasting with Crochet, Knotwork, and Weaving”. She serves on the board of Abelina’s Grove, a Pagan congregation serving Southeast Florida. As such she enjoys facilitating rites of passage, presenting a myriad of topics, and leading rituals such as an annual ritual calling for protection during Hurricane season.

Read Opal's latest article 

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White Structure

All Prices are Before Shipping

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