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The Power of Plarn

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Paper or Plastic? Of course the best choice is neither. We should all be keeping reusable cloth bags in the car for shopping trips. But even if you do those pesky plastic grocery bags have a way of mutiplying under the sink or in the pantry. And we all know the horrors associated with these bags and Mother Nature.

plastic bags kill animals

While there are many projects in motion that offer hope for a less plastic tomorrow we must also look for ways now to reduse, resuse, and recycle the plastic already in our lives. One way we are doing this at the UUCFL is by plarning.

Plarning is the art of making yarn from these bags. All ages can take part. A wide range of crafting skills are needed and can work together.

The beauty of this project is the act of plarning transforms into a benefit for our homeless population as well. The plarn is crocheted into mats that offer a moisture barrier for those folks who sleep on the ground. This is a much appreciated item. Especially here in South Florida where it is always damp if not raining. This layer between blanket and groung cuts down on the bacterial growth in a blanket which may never otherwise have a chance to fully dry out.

Whether you are the flatener/folder, the cutter/looper, or the crocheter of plarn you can be sure you are doing a good deed. It is also a lot of fun. At home it is something to do while you Netflix and chill. You can feel better about bingeing that entire season of whatever. Hold a Plarn Party and find like minded folks for snacks and upbuilding conversation. If you are in the Ft. Lauderdal area join us on the third Sunday of every monthe at the UUCFL.(

Either way you will be providing a service to yourself, the community, and the Mother and all of her creatures. Blessed Be.

Watch this video to learn how to plarn:

Watch this video to see how plarn has changed peoples lives:

Stay Crafty, Opal Luna

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