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Super Blood Wolf Moon

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

We are all looking forward to the full moon drumming this month when we will be treated to a total lunar eclipse overnight. Earth's shadow will sweep over the lunar surface to give it a reddish tinge and turn it into what some call a "blood moon."

This will be the first lunar eclipse of 2019 and the last total lunar eclipse until 2021. It coincides with the year's first full moon - a "wolf moon" in the folklore tradition because it occurs at a time of year when wolves howl outside villages. The moon will be slightly bigger and brighter because it's at the closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit - a "super moon".

Since it's a super moon that's being shadowed, some media outlets have dubbed this eclipse a "super blood wolf moon." I like it! This definitely calls for a protection spell.

My husband and I make color bombs to throw in the fire at circles. They are easy to make. You just have to purchase a few packages of the color powders that are meant to throw into fires. (My husband buys them by the case) You can also use common household chemicals to obtain the desired colors. (Responsible adults only please)

Campfire color-change cheat sheet:

Green: Copper sulfate

Blue: Copper chloride

Red: Strontium chloride

Orange: Calcium chloride

Purple: Potassium chloride

My husband opens a few ready-made packs and pours the powder into coffee filters and ties them with a cotton string. It makes for a very colorful fire. It also gives you the opportunity to add herbs for intention.

To coincide with this Super Blood Wolf Moon I plan to add rose petals for Love, Luck and Protection, basil leaves for Love, Wealth, and Protection, the colors blue for Healing and Truth, and green for Wealth and Growth. This is the first full moon of the year and needs to be marked with determination and grounding. We will imagine our "roots" digging down into the Mother and chant the Affirmation..."I am a child of the Earth. I am accepted. I am supported. I am able to succeed."

If you are in the vicinity of the UUCFL please join us.

UUCFL Full Moon Drumming for 2019

All circles start at 7:30 but you are welcome to come at 7 and help set up.

We do a prosperity spell and pass the cauldron

to collect your love

donations in appreciation for this space.

Bring a snack, drink, and something to make noise. Blessed Be

Monday, January 21st

Tuesday, Feb 19th Thursday, March 21st Friday, April 19th Saturday, May 18th Monday, June 17th Tuesday, July 16th Thursday, August 15th Friday, September 13th Sunday, October 13th Tuesday, November 12th Thursday, December 12th

Stay Crafty, Opal Luna

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