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Crafting with Layers of Intention

Updated: Jan 2

Fiber Magick Workshop

Crafting with Layers of Intention

The Fiber Magick Practice purposes that layers of intention can be added to your projects through energy work as well as physical correspondences. Most folx grok the energy work part. They know that an artist’s energy will enter a piece without them even trying. This is why art makes us feel. When we examine an object, we can pick up the mindset of the maker, happiness, sadness, hope, despair. Understanding this makes us more aware of our feelings and what we are putting into our works. Are we sending mixed messages? This is why we ground and center and set our intention before performing Fiber Magick. In this why we can send baby blankets off with well wishes and fill shawls with prayers of healing. But wait, there’s more.

Sympathetic Magick Theory says like represents like. Most everything in Nature can be used as a correspondence to express ideas or situations, part of the body or state of mind. For example, half a walnut looks very much like a human brain and a strawberry is roughly the shape of a human heart. Let’s do the magick.

Let’s start with the very fiber our poppets are made of - cotton. Cotton connotes strength and protection. That’s a fine place for a poppet to start. Now you might be thinking that poppets should look like a doll, true, but these are specialized poppets that will focus us right to the area of concern. We have a friend who is going through an ordeal and needs Peace of Mind and a Hopeful Heart. So, what other layers can we add?

The cotton yarn needs to be the appropriate color. For a brain that would be grey and a strawberry pink. We could buy cotton yarn in these colors easily, but another layer or intention could be added by doing some natural dying. We can get grey using black beans and pink from avocado pits.

Grey – the color of stone is enduring and strong, conveying dignity and respect

From Black beans - helps to jump hurdles and make important decisions.

In the shape of a brain to focus on mental health

Pink – bestows peace, heals emotions, suggests heartfelt care

From Avocado – heart healthy, Avocado pits in spell bags add luck, abundance or attraction magick.

In the shape of a strawberry to connote Dedication, through solving problems and becoming stronger and Love, by overcoming barriers and issues

We can use a checklist to keep track of all the layers. This can be helpful while planning the item. This way we could reproduce this object or instruct someone else if it was needed. Create your own Fiber Magick Recipe Book.

Fiber Magick Layers of Intention Worksheet

Item Purpose –

Grounding Technique –

Deity Involved –

Time / Phase / Day -

Yarn Content –

Yarn Color –

Dying Material –

Anointing Oil –

Project Shape –

Numerical values -

Stuffing Additives–

Embellishment –

Blessing Technique –

Activation Technique -

Notes -

The Brain

Ch 6

4Hdc in 3rd chain from hook

Place 4 Hdc in each chain and around the other side

Continue to place 4 Hdc in each stitch around 3 times

Work will ruffle and fold back on itself creating a brain or coral like puff

This can be used as a wash puff if you like.

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