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Natural Magick

Updated: Jan 2

Natural Magick

Anima mundi is an ancient and complex concept. It’s reproduced in multiple ways in many ancient and not so ancient philosophies from Plato to Carl Jung. It suggests the existence of a soul of the world—an ethereal spirit sheltered in nature and in charge of keeping life moving. It’s an ineffable substance that unites us with everything else in the world and with the world itself.

The UU’s 7th principle is “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Pagans may call this spirit or vibration or energy work. Regardless of what you call it this essence is essential to Magick. The better we understand how this energy passes through various aspects of Nature the more connected we become to the world around us. We will fit better in Gaia’s realm. We will attract the good vibes. Groovy right?

When we perform Magick we are the most important tool in our toolbox. A Craftsman is only as good as their tools so we must consider our energy first. Take the time to open the circle and ground yourself.

There are many aspects to Natural Magick. You can find energy in the Elements, Plants, Animals. Let’s explore a few of the energies that we find in the inanimate objects. Objects that the world may see as dead or not ever being alive but as witches we know are very much alive. They have cause and effect.

Colors and rocks –

Red – I am – Root – Red Jasper – creates and balances dynamic energy

Orange – I Do – Sacral – Red Agate – harmonizes mind, body, and spirit

If you’re feeling demotivated, carnelian crystals can boost willpower, self-confidence, and give you the courage to make positive life choices.

Yellow – I feel – Solar Plexus – Yellow Aventurine – balances Yin and Yang, expands creative energies

Green – I Love – Heart – Green Aventurine – comforter and heart healer

Oozing in healing, restorative energy Rose Quartz is a soul-soothing gem. Bringing in restoration and illumination, Rose Quartz allows you to lead with love by being more compassionate to yourself and others.

Blue – I Speak – Throat – Lapis Lazuli – mental stability

Sodalite is also known as the Poet’s Stone or Writer’s Stone because it can help you express thoughts clearly and enhance your creativity.

Purple – I See – Third eye – Amethyst – relieves stress and dispels anger and fear

White/Lavender – I Understand – Crown Clear Quartz – The great amplifier

Selenite and Moonstone will also bring clarity and psychic ability.

So we can use colors and rocks in our yoga practice and balance our chakras and that’s all good, but can we use these energies in Natural Magick Spell work? You betcha.

Spell work –

Coffee filter – Perfect spell bag, bio-degradable, can be buried or burned, and it holds a good amount. It may also come with coffee grounds in the morning. Coffee – energizes, clarifies magickly. The benefit of using coffee grounds as a fertilizer is that it adds organic material to the soil, which improves drainage, water retention, and aeration in the soil. It will help microorganisms beneficial to plant growth thrive as well as attract earthworms.

Now we are talking about the spirit of plants. Plants are a large part of witchcraft. Whole practices have been based on specific plants. Most deities have their favorites. My Minerva is partial to the Geranium so I can use that scent as a connection to Her.

Plants have been used for eons for their properties of healing, nourishment, Poison.

Caution must be taken when you are working with plant spirits. Use a good guidebook if foraging and buy only culinary grade herbs if ingesting.

In order to truly honor the Spirit of the plants we must first get to know them for their properties and uses. That includes how they may have been historically or traditionally used. In order to honor the spirit of the plants you must be sure that they were harvested sustainably and with reciprocity. White sage and palo santo come to mind. The Witch’s Rede say As it harm none, do as you will so of course you can burn sage and palo santo. Not against the law but if you aim to respect the spirit of these plants you will be moved to buy from a reputable Native business and use them within your wheelhouse. You are smoke cleansing, not smudging.

Set Intention –

Pick a color of crayon, write a word or two, remove vowels and repeated letters, Draw remaining letters on top of each other.

Sprinkle with coffee

Choose a stone chip, place in center

My Holy Trinity – Cinnamon, Rosemary, Mugwort

All three Protect and Heal plus cinnamon attracts money, Rosemary attracts health, and Mugwort attracts psychic abilities. I can do anything with these three herbs. I have made friends with these three herbs. I can easily obtain these three herbs and I harm none or show no disrespect so other cultures. What more do you need?

Maybe a bit of Lavender to keep calm and carry on.

Add the Herbs –

Cinnamon – “I call to the spirit of cinnamon to bring forth my desire in abundance”

Rosemary – “I call to the spirit of rosemary to bring forth my desire in a healthy way”

Mugwort – “I call to the spirit of mugwort to bring forth my desire in a way I can see clearly and understand”

Lavender – “I call to the spirit of lavender to bring forth my desire calmly with gratitude and love”

Twist the Filter into a pouch – As you do imagine all the contents coming together to form a cohesive spirit. Working together in harmony toward your desired goal.

Tie with a cotton string – cotton – luck. Made 3 knots – Here, Now, and Always So Mote it Be

Now what are you going to do with this? If your intention was to get rid of something, burn it to send the message out to the Universe. If it is something you want to remind yourself to work toward, leave it on your altar to let the Powers that Be know your desire. Carry it around as a reminder to work toward your goal. If it is something you want to manifest, bury it in the yard or in a pot of soil and place a plant on top of it. Nurture the plant as symbolic of how you will nurture your goal. I will leave that decision up to you.

A list of Substitutes for Natural Magick

Don’t let the lack of one ingredient keep you from performing a spell. Substitutes are permissible with the correct intention

Any Herb – Rosemary

Any Stone – Clear Quart

Any Citrus – Lemon

Any Scent – Frankincense

Any Poison – Tobacco

Any Oil – Olive oil

Any tea – Black tea

Any candle – White candle

Any Flower – Rose petals

Any Salt – Table salt

Any fruit – Apple

Any incense – Naga Champa

Imagine how much better this world would be if all human beings recognized the spirit of the so-called inanimate objects which share this planet. It’s a joy to work with Nature. I hope you all find ways to add Natural Magick to your practice. Stay Crafty.

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