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Samhain Skull

Samhain Skull

Merry Meet Fiber Magickians, my name is Opal Luna. Welcome to another Fiber Magick Moment!

Samhain is the third and final harvest in the traditional Celtic Wheel and as with the nature of circles marks the beginning of the whole cycle starting over.

The world at large is celebrating Halloween with a vengeance, so it is easy to get in the spirit by picking up some new home décor almost everywhere. Some folx leave their Christmas lights up all year round. I’m pretty much ready for Samhain without too much effort.

There is a serious undercurrent to all the revelry though for the witch. As we move toward Samhain the darkness grows. Our thoughts wonder toward the veil as it thins, and we think about our beloved dead. It is appropriate to set up an Ancestor Altar with keepsakes and remembrances to those who came before. Time must be made for quiet reflection so any messages from Spirit can come through to us.

The Samhain Skull was designed to act as a poppet for one who has crossed the veil. It could hold an LED light or herbs to hold sacred space on your altar. A word to the wise, no real flames please. Crochet and fire do not mix.

Samhain Skull

You will need:

Size H crochet hook

about an oz. of 4-ply yarn


Yarn needle

You will Use:

Ch – chain

Sc – single crochet

Sc dec – single crochet decrease

Hdc – half double crochet

Hdc inc – half double crochet increase

Dc – double crochet

SL St – slip stitch

FO – fasten off

Sl St in end of each round, Ch 1 to begin next round.

Ch 2

Rd 1 – 8 Hdc in 2nd Ch from hook

Rd 2 – Hdc inc around (16)

Rd 3 – {Hdc, Hdc inc} around (24)

Rd 4 – {Hdc twice, Hdc inc} around (32)

Rd 5-6 – Hdc around (32)

Rd 7 – Hdc in 20 Sts leaving remaining stitches unworked

Rd 8 - Ch 1, turn, Hdc in 20 Sts, Ch 4, skip 4 Sts on Rd 6, Sl St 4 on Rd 6, Ch 4, skip 4 Sts on Rd 6, Sl St in 1st Hdc of Rd 8.

Rd 9 – Ch 1, turn, Sc in same St, Sc in 4 Chs, skip 1, Sl St in 2 Sts, skip 1, Sc in 4 Chs, Sc around.

Rd 10 – Ch1, Sc in same St, Sc in next 2 Sts, Ch 2, skip 6, Sc around

Rd 11 – Sc dec, Sc 4, {Sc dec, Sc} 6 times, Sc dec

Rd 12 - Ch 1, Sc, Ch 1, 2 Dc in each of next 4 Sts, Ch 1, Sc around

Rd 13 – In BLO {Sc, Sc dec} around

Rd 14 - Sc dec around, FO weave end

The days will continue to grow shorter towards the Winter Solstice. And that is when we will Merry Meet again. Stay Crafty!

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