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Legend of the Dragonfly

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I still have dragonflies on the brain. It has rained so much here lately. The back yard is a jungle of Florida Native plants. The bees, butterflies, and dragonflies are loving it. I'm sure there is at least a few fairies as well. So here is my tale...

The Legend of the Dragonfly

If this story be true we came dangerously close to never seeing a dragonfly in our lifetime. Thank the goddess this was not the case. For as we all know the dragonfly is a symbol of change and Light. It carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. That is exactly what this story is All About. Listen and I will tell it the way it was told to me...

Once Upon a Time long, long ago when the Earth was ruled by Elf and Dwarf, great dragons flew the skies. These fiery beasts were large and strong. They were mighty giants with but one weakness. Their downfall was their love of gold. All manner of gold, jewels, and shiny things they craved. Because of this they could be bought for a price. That is the way that Elvin Lords got to ride on those scale covered backs. Proud they flew, Lord and dragon alike, until both became haughty and full of themselves. Those proud, mighty dragons were a sight, to be sure, but they were not the only dragons in the realm. There was one breed of dragon for which no elf had any use. Two small were they to receive any noble attention. Too frail those tiny backs to carry any load.

Their larger cousins scoffed at their lot. No riches filled their tiny nests. No gold shone bright or jewels reflected light into these pathetic little dragon's caves.

"It takes several dozen to even make a mouthful." complained Sapphire.

"And you have to eat them raw cuz they burn too quickly to toast them." lamented Günter.

Even while they complained they did not stop eating. Their voracious appetites were such that the poor little dragons were forced to scatter, making their way deep into the woods, back where the plants and vines grew thick. Too thick for a full size dragon to bother.

Panting and shaking with fright, little Odonata found her way to a dandelion leaf under a mulberry bush. She forced herself to calm and listen. She waited to be joined by others of her kind. She longed to hear a familiar sound, but none came. She was alone. All alone but for the clutch of eggs she was carrying. She was afraid to leave the safety of this leaf but knew if she did not find water to lay her eggs in soon she would truly be the last little dragon around.

Just when she thought maybe her courage was enough to venture out once more, she thought she heard something. It was not a dragon. No, this sound was mournful, for sure, but so beautiful. That's when she spotted wings on a leaf not far away. A leaf with wings? No not a leaf, a tiny elf. "An Elf with wings? What is this strange creature?" puzzled Odonata.

The creature startled and began to cry. "Oh woe is me, please don't eat me, dragon. My wing is broken and I cannot provide you with a proper chase." begged Lila. You probably have guessed by now that Odonata had seen her first fairy. I remember my first fairy sighting. I had to rub my eyes and shake myself to believe it and Odonata was no different.

"Don't fret friend I have no appetite at the present. All I long for is a pond or lake in which to lay my eggs so that my line does not end with me alone." explained Odonata.

Lila perked up. "I know a place where the morning light glistens off the cool water and the water lilies bloom in a rainbow of colors, but alas, I cannot fly to show you the way."

"I know just the trick!" exclaimed Odonata.

She carefully extended a wing like she had seen the big dragons do. Lila got the idea and climbed on her back. Off they flew through the bushes and brush with Lila directing the way.

Now the rest of the story is history, as they say. Lila and Odanata became lifelong friends. Even after her wing healed, Lila would ride on Odanata's back. Oh, the adventures they had! This started quite a trend. Odanata's babies grew up and found riders amongst the Fae. But not for riches. It was done out of friendship as things should be done.

As Time passed the big dragons continued to hoard and fight and be slain out of existence. So that the little dragons no longer feared to fly about, out in the open. When you see one perched on the tallest plant in your garden remember my tale. Look closely and you might see it's rider. And wish for them to fly, dragon, fly.

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