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Poems awaiting their purpose

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Poems I have written

(explanations to come)


Weave a web from left to right

Silvery threads of Love & Light

Right-to-left sing as we go

Unconditional love will grow

Under over around and through

Back and forth we weave a new

Hither and yon, to and fro

Weave a spell and make it so

White for the maiden

Black for the crone

Red for the mother in us all

Huntress, Warrior, Nurturer

She who spins, she who weaves

She who cuts the thread of life

All will heed the goddess' call


Mighty Lucifer green

Sweet Diana bright

The lord of the day

And goddess of the night

Hunter and Hunted

Protectors of both

For the circle of life

I speak now this oath

Respect for all of nature

The Fierce and the meek

Brings honor to you

And the joy which I seek

Grant me my heart's desire

So mote it be

The fairy gift

What Bliss to find a gift of Fae

While walking through the garden green

A tiny Rock, a single Stone

Like none that you have ever seen

I'll take this gift and paint it bright

To match the joy I feel to find

A treasure left for me this night

That those fairy folk have left behind

And now I leave a gift brand new

As tiny eyes my actions peek

I hear them whisper, gasp and coo

We play a game of hide-and-seek

Tis Bliss to find a gift of Fae

But better yet to leave one true

For whatever thing we pass along

It's like in kind comes back to you

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