Hurricane Protection Ritual 2019

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Hurricanes spin widdershins

They banish the dead and dying stuff

Blow away all negativity

But limbs and leaves are quite enough

My home is a living thing

Its heartbeat strong with love and life

Wind see the difference and leave it be

Rain soak the Earth but spare me strife

The Goddess stands within my walls

My windows hold strong and true

My roof stays put despite the squalls

When Mother Nature transforms anew

- Opal Luna

June 6th will be Moonpath CUUPS 4th annual Hurricane Protection Ritual.

I always post the entire ritual on "What's up at CUUPS" our super secret Facebook page.

I do this so that even if folks are not able to join us in person they can be there in spirit.

This year I would like to expand that attendance. I think other pagan groups would like to add their energy.

Perhaps you would like to perform the ritual or use it as a jumping off place to create your own.

It is becoming clear to me that as a South Florida pagan I need to pay more attention to the rhythms

of the land my feet walk on. I encourage other to do likewise.

As we do, new rituals will be given to us. Our wheel of the year may have 3 plantings instead of 3 harvests.

Lady Florida and Lord Mangrove may bless the Beltane feast. Litha may be about Hurricane Protection.

In the meantime, Let's come together as one and shout "May your windows hold!"

Stay Crafty, Opal Luna

Hurricane Protection Ritual 2019

Please bring a non-perishable food item that you will hold during the ritual until time to make the sacrifice.

All will ground and center