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Hurricane Protection Ritual 2019

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Hurricanes spin widdershins

They banish the dead and dying stuff

Blow away all negativity

But limbs and leaves are quite enough

My home is a living thing

Its heartbeat strong with love and life

Wind see the difference and leave it be

Rain soak the Earth but spare me strife

The Goddess stands within my walls

My windows hold strong and true

My roof stays put despite the squalls

When Mother Nature transforms anew

- Opal Luna

June 6th will be Moonpath CUUPS 4th annual Hurricane Protection Ritual.

I always post the entire ritual on "What's up at CUUPS" our super secret Facebook page.

I do this so that even if folks are not able to join us in person they can be there in spirit.

This year I would like to expand that attendance. I think other pagan groups would like to add their energy.

Perhaps you would like to perform the ritual or use it as a jumping off place to create your own.

It is becoming clear to me that as a South Florida pagan I need to pay more attention to the rhythms

of the land my feet walk on. I encourage other to do likewise.

As we do, new rituals will be given to us. Our wheel of the year may have 3 plantings instead of 3 harvests.

Lady Florida and Lord Mangrove may bless the Beltane feast. Litha may be about Hurricane Protection.

In the meantime, Let's come together as one and shout "May your windows hold!"

Stay Crafty, Opal Luna

Hurricane Protection Ritual 2019

Please bring a non-perishable food item that you will hold during the ritual until time to make the sacrifice.

All will ground and center

Follow HP and HPS outside to the tune of "Riders on the Storm"

Stop at doors for spray of Florida water.

Walking in single file form circle on patio out into grass and back.

When everyone is in their place spritzer circles clockwise once more with Florida water while all chant...

"Sacred scent

alive and free

cleanse all worry

So mote it be"

Sealer seals the circle with a piece of masking tape on each person's shoulder while we perform the call and repeat

HPS calls / HP and all repeat…

May your Windows hold. ( May your Windows hold.)

May your windows hold (May your Windows hold.)

and keep you safe inside these walls

May your windows hold ( May your Windows hold.)

and protect you and yours

May your Windows hold ( May your Windows hold.)

and keep out the bully winds that threatened to knock you down

May your windows hold ( May your Windows hold.)

and protect Hearth and Home

May your windows hold ( May your Windows hold.)

and though outside forces seem to ask for your submission

May your windows hold ( May your Windows hold.)

May your Windows hold ( May your Windows hold.)

May your windows hold ( May your Windows hold.)

So Mote It Be!

HPS…"Fire tenders please may we have fire?"

HP…"Drummers please may we have sound?"

HPS…"Let us raise a Joyful Noise and let the powers know we are here."

When energy peaks GONG

Calling the quarters in rounds, repeating five times, and GONG

________call from the East …

" In the East the Wind is rustling" X5 (GONG)

________call from the South...

" In the South the Fire is Raging" X5 (GONG)

________call from the West....

" In the West the Water is rising" X5 (GONG)

________call from the North....

" In the North the Earth is rumbling" X5 (GONG)

HPS… " SILENCE! Here in the eye of the storm, the Spirit is calm. We appeal to the Goddess in her many forms. Hera, Tempestas, Oya , goddesses that can hold back the ravaging storms only to send them down to the Earth with a vengeance. Please accept this offering (lights the offering candle) to calm the spirit and turn the rain clouds into rainbows. Keep us safe within your good graces. Be with us in this season of uncertainty. So mote it be."

HP... "In the Circle all is calm. We appeal to the God in his many forms. Zeus, Jupiter, Ukko, gods of rain and storm, causing the clap of thunder and the bolt of lightning that sends us all to cover. Please accept this offering (lights the incense) to sweeten the disposition and turn the sound of thunder into shouts of praise for you. So mote it be."

HPS…The Continuing Story of The Ant and the Grasshopper.

We've all heard the story of The Ant and the Grasshopper, where the grasshopper dances and fiddles through the summer months. He thought nothing of the coming winter and put no food aside. He had plenty at the time and could not imagine it being any different. He saw his folly later that year and paid the price. The lesson is clear. The Goddess helps those who help themselves. Blessed Be.

But there is more to learn from this tale. A caution we might miss between the lines. Let's imagine for a moment that we were so much like the ant we hoarded and denied help to others in need. That Ant was right to give warning, right to encourage and even plead, but should he be the judge and jury when a fellow Creature is in need? What about forgiveness, kindness, compassion? The grasshopper couldn't see the danger. Might he do better next time? It is not for the ant to decide I'm afraid. It was the blessings of the Goddess he was collecting after all. Generosity is proof that we believe in Her abundance. It will come back to us threefold if it is given from the heart. We have all been the grasshopper, as well as the ant, and it is only by Her love that we continue to be anything at all.

So be generous, pay it forward, and bask in the glory of Her abundance. Blessed Be.

If you have an offering to pay forward, please hold it close for a moment and charge it with the hope of blue skies and gentle breezes.

When you are ready you may come forward and place it in the sacred shopping cart."

HP…"Drummers Do your thing."

HPS…"Will the quarters now please pass out the Cakes & Ale. (Water and Crackers)

Please wait till everyone is served before eating or drinking and we shall bless our feast.

HP…"Clean water in time of need becomes more precious than the finest mead. May we never thirst."

HPS…"Plain crackers in dangers wake becomes far sweeter than the richest cake. May we never hunger."

HP… "You may offer a portion to the Lord and Lady and burn your cups in the fire."

HPS… "Let us thank the Lord and Lady for their kind attention to our situation."

HP… "We thank you great horned one, God of all of nature, for your attention on this clear night for a future time which may not be so bright. Hail and farewell!"

HPS… "We thank you dear Lady, Mother of all creation for your attention now for a future date that we won't have to worry about our fate. Hail and farewell!"

HP…"Let us chant together to release the quarters.

"North, West, South, and East

Dispel the weather, calm the Beast. X5

Hail and farewell! GONG

HPS… "May all things work toward the greater good.

Keep us safe. So mote it be!"

HP… "May all entities attracted by this rite be on their way and go in peace."

HPS…" Let us all circle around clockwise to seal the deal. Through the sanctuary to the foyer where we will present our sacrifice and end our ritual. And let's sing as we go!

By the Earth that is Her body

By the Air that is Her breath

By the Fire that is Her bright spirit

By the Living Waters of Her womb

May the Peace of the Goddess be forever in your heart

This circle is open but unbroken

Merry meet and merry part

Offering is placed in the food hamper in the foyer …

HPS…"This ritual is over

We have made our needs known

The Goddess is loving

Let our will be done."

So Mote It Be!

Opal Luna is a crone, priestess of Minerva, and Fiber Magickian.

She is the author of the book "Fiber Magick"

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