Wheel of the Year

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Holly and Oak Kings Do Battle

On the eve of the Solstice, How will we cope?

In the darkest of winter, There's a glimmer of hope

Our storerooms half full, Will mean our survival

This winter will pass, We will see Springs arrival

The Holly and Oak Kings Do battle this day

The results must overturn The outcome of May

To renew the length of each passing day

To honor the Sun God and bid him to stay

The Oak King emboldened, Sends out each new sprout

Met by the Holly King, Frost stamping it out

"Give way" shouts the Oak King, "Your time draws to an end

New life must spring forward, Rest easy my friend"

The balance of day and night teeters and tips

Spilling blessings anew and praise to all lips

The wheel turns again, With a click and a chime

Another season forward, As it has done for all time

Hooray for the Oak King! The Victor this night

Winter will desist, And give way to the light

Days will grow longer, Soon we will sow

The hope of a new year, In the seeds in a row

Till Holly King's next challenge, And the cycle rotates

Life, death, and rebirth, In the hands of the fates

Personifying the seasons was how our ancestors made sense of their place in the wheel and what needed to be done to prepare for the next phase. It meant their survival. We can only imagine what it was like to cope with these changes, even if we have lived in the North, this was without the modern conveniences. The eight Sabbaths that are celebrated by most Wiccan and neo-pagans come out of Northern European where the seasons were drastic. Here in Florida we are kinda spoiled. So I thought it would be good for us to go around the Wheel considering the traditional observances and added to that what is happening around us at that time to make a better connection. We can see the wheel turn, if we pay attention.

(Wheel art by Morgandria. Found on Pinterest.)