Give Peace a Chance

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Give Peace a Chance

A Magical working in the Chaos Style

This ritual smacks of Chaos because each participant brings an item from their path not knowing how it will connect to the others (but it will)

Items needed ...Card table, tablecloth with Spiral Pentacle (I have a round tablecloth that I drew a pentacle on just for this occasion), white candle in center of table.

Each participant brings a token of their spiritual path.

Items are placed in appropriate points according to elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit. Each person chooses the direction for their item and shares their thinking with the group.

*Drum and rattle and Howl* We will be asking the attention of the Guardians. Let them know we are here!

We Light this candle for Peace.

We Call for peace in each direction using the power of the items placed there. Choose a spokesperson for each direction who can make up a call using the items in that quarter. More Chaos!!!

To the east by the power of...

To the South by the power of...

To the West by the power of...

To the North by the power of...

Please repeat after me…

"We call for peace with one voice

(We call for peace with one voice)

We call for peace from one heart

(We call for peace from one heart)