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A Fascination with Mermaids

Updated: Jan 2

The Mermaid's Tale

Be woeful, sweet

She has a tail

Instead of feet

When other fish

Are far too slow

She can't tap her foot

To make them go.

When she thinks she's having

A real bad day

She can shake her fist

But not walk away

I hope she does not

Dwell on this.

Think of all the blessings

She would miss.

For to glide beneath

The ocean blue

Seems like Paradise

To me and you.

I have a friend who loves mermaids.

She is usually wearing some piece of jewelry or clothing that reflects this obsession. She collects mermaid everything and vends at nautical craft shows. Basically, she is a mermaid. I can dig it.

The ocean and all its mysteries seem so close and yet so far away. It’s easy to imagine a freedom and carefree life amongst the waves. We can ignore the potential dangers in our minds eye.

Ah, Perception, so much more important than reality.

Most every culture has legends of water creatures and spirits. Undines, Krakens, and Merfolk adorn the cave walls and embellish the seafarers stories. These stories go from joyous to horrifying but all of them are surreal.

As pagans, we call some of these creatures and spirits to join us in ritual. We invite them from the west to add the element of water. They represent the emotional parts of us. The water of the Mother’s womb washes over us and heals us. For a moment, in the moment, we return to our original home. In our biological mother’s womb we were all once merfolk.

Stay Crafty, Opal Luna

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