Fiber Magick Saves the World and other workshops

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I spent some time yesterday working on my Fiber Magick workshops. I now have 3 on the books. Only one has been test-driven but the results were very promising. People seemed to enjoy the first one in which we made our chakra bracelets.

I decided to keep a standard outline for all three workshops. First, I introduce myself and say something about what Fiber Magick is. Then we raise energy and focus our intentions with a chant. My opening chant of choice is this one...

Lady spin your circle bright

Weave your web of dark and Light

Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Bind us as one

This is proving to be a very popular chant. It's one that people know and can sing out. Both times that I've done it we got some good sound, harmony even.

Then each workshop gets an introduction of its own to fit the topic. And we light a candle while we all recite the Fiber Magick poem. This poem has opened my Fiber Magick classes for a couple of years now.

A picture in the mind so clear

It must travel down the artist's arm

And come alive to greet the world

As clothing fair or blanket warm

Hidden deep within the thread

Love so strong it will not fade

So much more is passed along

When we give life to that handmade

Now we are ready to rock and roll. In workshop 1 we create the chakra bracelet that's outlined in the book. In workshop 2 we do the same with the witch's ladder, Once Upon a Time and all. And the third workshop is entitled Fiber Magick Saves the World. It's dramatic I know, but this is a workshop built around my plarning project. I show people how to create plastic yarn from plastic grocery bags. I also show the impact that it will have not only on the one homeless person that will receive that mat but on the landfill that will receive 500 - 700 LESS plastic bags. It will make a difference to the person working in the recycling plant that does not have to climb down into the mechanism and untangle those bags from the works. It will also make a difference to the people working on this project that can feel that they're making a difference no matter how small. I used the parable of the starfish stranded on the beaches to give people the idea of the work that we're doing. Yes, there are many starfish stranded on the