The CUUPS un-choir

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Let's not put a label on it. We have tried a choir before and it crashed and burned. Imploded from the inside really. Half of us wanted a director. The other half didn't, but acted like one. It was a mess. I admit I was as messy as anyone. So when the call went out for "Chantresses" for this years Mabon ritual I was hesitant but willing to step up.

3 goddesses

Three of us ended up singing. There was only one rehearsal with the guitarist. And we did alright. Whew! Now where do we go from here? I love what live voices add to a ritual. Usually, when I write a ritual there is a blend of live and canned. It's hard to sing and dance the circle at the same time and we have limited technology, microphone wise. That's why I will try to get the word out early as to what songs we will be using. I imagine voices all around the circle joining as one. (Ahhh, Bliss face)

How we pictured ourselves--------->

<------------How we actually looked