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The CUUPS un-choir

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Let's not put a label on it. We have tried a choir before and it crashed and burned. Imploded from the inside really. Half of us wanted a director. The other half didn't, but acted like one. It was a mess. I admit I was as messy as anyone. So when the call went out for "Chantresses" for this years Mabon ritual I was hesitant but willing to step up.

3 goddesses

Three of us ended up singing. There was only one rehearsal with the guitarist. And we did alright. Whew! Now where do we go from here? I love what live voices add to a ritual. Usually, when I write a ritual there is a blend of live and canned. It's hard to sing and dance the circle at the same time and we have limited technology, microphone wise. That's why I will try to get the word out early as to what songs we will be using. I imagine voices all around the circle joining as one. (Ahhh, Bliss face)

How we pictured ourselves--------->

<------------How we actually looked

So here we go again. But like I said there will be no labels this time. We are a group of friends who sing at rituals. We will practice together every month at the full moon drumming. Cool! We are all there anyway, no extra "choir" practice. The energy is perfect at the drum circles for the type of singing we will be doing and I have been wanting to get my personal chants written down and set to actual music for a while now. Win, win, WIN!

Our next Full Moon Drumming will be Tuesday, September 25th at 7:30. This is the one at the UUCFL. Come join us if you can or search for a Drum Circle near you. There are plenty.

May it grow into something wonderful.

May all who get involved bring the Spirit

of singing from the heart.


We are the Chantresses!

All voices welcome!

So Mote it Be!

Stay Crafty, Opal Luna

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