The Evolution of the Emotional Support Poppet

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

The Emotional Support Poppet of ESP (*chuckle*) for short started out, well, short. Only 6 to 8 inches tall. I imagined them being used to represent the Goddess on people's altars. Several have been sold or given as gifts and I'm sure they have served their purpose.

Small Goddesses 6-8 inches tall--------------->

Lately, however, the dolls have grown (literally) to include other uses. I've been making them more like 16 to 18 inches tall. I've seen them used as throw pillows and decorative pieces. But, of course, my favorite use is as the ESP. When I crochet them I keep this in mind and load them with many hugs before they are sent off to their new homes. Sometimes it's hard to see them go. Ah, such is life. My children must leave the nest.

Here's what my little poppets have grown up to be...

Green goddess... this ESP has to be your go-to for healing hugs. If you custom made one of these babies you could have leaves, flowers, maybe even a dragonfly in her hair.

Unicorn... this hugger is going to take you straight to Fantasyland. Is there something you're going for that might be just out of your reach normally? This poppet might put you right over the edge, in a good way.

Goth goddess... we all want to be accepted for exactly who we are and you will have the confidence to expect that after hugging this