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Making Christmas

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Once Upon A Time...

The Pumpkin King found no joy in Halloween

He was so bored with the same old thing

He walked with his dog all night long

Till he came across a brand new song

Snowflakes, holly, presents and toys

He couldn't believe such wonderful joys

Now how could he share this joyful scene

With the folks in the town of Halloween

October 20th will be the night of our annual Witch's Ball. This year's theme will be Nightmare Before Christmas. This has offered some fun crafting opportunities for sure. Thursday night at CCUPS we made ornaments for a Samhain tree, melding the two holidays together as Jack and his friends ended up doing.

It was great fun and made me wonder

What other holidays would compliment each other.

And if you are worrying about what others will say.


The elements we are mixing

Were originally pagan anyway.

Blessed Be

Stay Crafty, Opal Luna

And join us for the Ball if you can...

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