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Networking the Craft

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Every vending opportunity starts with me seeing $$$ of course. I want to be successful and make this venture my next adventure. I feverously hook my fingers to the bone (slight exaggeration) to create a vast array of crocheted items (no exaggeration) of a mundane or magickal nature (mostly magickal *cackle*).

Then, I have that moment of panic, like when 3 people are coming to dinner and you aren't sure the 200 meatballs you made will be enough. Then, I force myself to relax and say well if I sell it all I will come home with 3 grand and the challenge of making it all again before the next show. I'm not sure if any of that is rational but there is one thing I can tell you without exaggerating…

Every time I vend I meet interesting people.

And this has been even more true since my book was published.

This weekend we attended the Treasure Coast Pagan Pride Day and I sold 3 of my books. With each sale I could see the wheels turning in the mind of the buyer. All 3 were crocheters and the thought of creating a magickal path from their hobby lite up the eyes and brought a smile to the face. I felt like 3 new fiber magickians were born to the world. How's that for dramatic?

And the 4th recipient of my book was even more magickal. She was a fellow vendor who was hoping to sell enough to be able to purchase one. She ended up winning it in the raffle.

A weekend on the Treasure Coast...relaxing. Barely breaking even money wise...ehh. Four new fiber magickians...priceless.

Oh and I wish I had a picture of the baby laughing at the Mandrake poppet. LOL That's right I get to crochet another mandrake...Sweet!

Stay Crafty,

Opal Luna

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