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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I've had the great honor of passing my Reiki healing on to a few in our community. I've been asked to teach again but this time I feel a need to vie from the traditional Reiki origin story and add elements of my own. Can I still call it Reiki? We will start there and attune to that higher power. After all, that source is seen differently by so many who practice the healing arts. There is no right or wrong way to tap into that power. It has to feel right to you.

I will give credit where credit is due and acknowledge Mikao Gyoho's enlightenment. Then, being a fiber magickian, I have a need to enhance it with colors, scents, and textures.

The chakras lend themselves well to these additions.

Color healing is an accepted practice for many seekers and healers. Aromatherapy is quite popular and mainstream because it is so powerful. Texture may not be as common but you have to admit the feel of a cashmere sweater or plush teddy bear can change your mood and lift your spirits.

I haven't really fully explored the world of crystal healing as yet, even though I use beads on my dolls and bags, etc. to convey certain correspondences. I make Chakra dolls with little pockets meant for holding crystals on the focused area. There is so much to learn about this aspect of healing It is a new path of study for me to try.

Crystals have to do with vibrations which connects to my chanting. I've been playing with anagrams to chant concepts. I got the idea when I used the anagram ROYGBIV to remember the rainbow colors. I assigned correspondences to the colors...

Red - Passion, Orange - Happiness, Yellow - Intellect, Green - Nurture, Blue - Communication, Indigo - Awareness, Violet - Devine

The anagram would be PHINCAD. When I chanted P-H-I-N-C-A-D I kind of liked it. Especially where the nnnnnn became a hard C.

On well, it's a work in progress that offers another layer of intention to my healing. Just like in my Fiber Magick, layers of intention paint a clear picture of the desired outcome. Let's combine it all and treat our whole selves (then others) with a bath of healing love and light.

So, will this be Fiber Magick Healing?

Stay tuned and

Stay Crafty

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