Fiber Magick Infused Yarn

Updated: 3 days ago

It came to me the first time I used my new yarn winder. The yarn slipped through my hands and danced onto the spindle like magick. What if I put a drop of rosemary oil on my fingers and passed the yarn from ball to cake with intention? It makes a cake like the ones you get with those long color changes perfect for shawls and scarves. It reminded me of the time my Granny's brother came to visit and helped me with a tangled skein. He was a fisherman and could make a cake of yarn by hand. Now that was truly magickal.

Three times I pass the yarn through my hands. Each time sending healing, prosperity, and protection to the fibers. 100% cotton yarn infused with Fiber Magick. Enough to make a candle cozy with enough left over for the chain stitch spell or two.

Fiber Magick Candle Web

Ch 2 with H hook

Rd. 1. 8 Hdc in 2nd Ch from hook (8)

Rd. 2. 2 Hdc in each St around (16)

Rd. 3. (1Hdc, 2Hdc) in each St around (24)

Rd. 4. 1Hdc in BLO around

Rd. 5. Sc, Ch2, skip 2, Sc around

Rds. 6-17. Sc, Ch2, Sc in each Sc around

Fasten off and weave in end

Little Magick Pocket

Ch 16 with H hook

  1. Sc in each stitch across (16)

  2. Hdc in each stitch across. (16)

  3. Dc in each stitch across. (16)

  4. Hdc in each stitch across (16)

  5. Sc in each stitch across (16)

  6. Fold piece in half lengthwise and slipstitch side together

  7. Sc evenly across the fold at the bottom

  8. Slip stitch up the opposite side

  9. Sc evenly around the opening, slip stitch in first Sc made.

  10. Ch 1 turn and make 8 Sc across back of opening (8)

  11. -14. Ch 1 Sc in 2nd stitch and then across until 4 stitches remain

  12. Ch 1, Sc in 1st stitch, Ch 2, skip 2, Sc in last stitch

  13. Place 3 Sc in chain 2 space