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Tempest The Temperature Snake

Tempest The Temperature Snake


This snake is a larger version of my Snek Hat snake. Use the charts at the end to track the daily temps in your area and assign them a color. {These charts were shared with the Fiber Magick Confidential Group by one of our members, April Wells.} Here in South Florida I started at 50 degrees and changed color every 5 degrees so I could get some variation. If you are in a colder climate you may want to start lower and change color less often. It’s your snake. Have fun.


You will need:

Yarn in a neutral color for head, tail, and one row between the days.

Yarn in a variety of colors to match your color chart.

Good time to clean up all that unused yarn in the stash.

Crochet to match the yarn

Keeping to one yarn weight and one hook size would be ideal.

Lots of stuffing

Got old throw pillows? Time to upcycle


Stitch Marker

20mm Safety eyes


You Will Use:

Ch – Chain Stitch

Sc – Single Crochet

Sc inc – Single Crochet Increase

Sc Dec – Single Crochet Decrease

{} – Repeat pattern between brackets



Starting at the nose –

Rd 1 – Ch 2, 8 Sc in 2nd Ch from hook

Rd 2 – {Sc, Sc inc} around (12)

Rd 3 – Sc around (12)

Rd 4 – {Sc twice, Sc inc} around (16)

Rd 5 – Sc around (16)

Rd 6 – {Sc 3 times, Sc inc} around (20)

Rd 7 - Sc around (20)

Rd 8 – {Sc 4 times, Sc inc} (24)

Rd 9 - Sc around (24)

Rd 10 – {Sc 5 times, Sc inc} (28)

Rd 11 – Sc around (28)

Rd 12 - {Sc 6 times, Sc inc} (32)

Rd 13 – Sc around (32)

Rd 14 - {Sc 3 times, Sc inc} (40)

Rd 15 - Sc around (40)

Rd 16 - {Sc 4 times, Sc inc} (48)

Rd 17-20 – Sc around (48)

Rd 21 – {Sc, Sc dec} around (32)

Rd 22- done – Sc around changing colors as per your chart.



At the end of the year gradually dec stitches (one or two per round) until you get to the tip. FO and weave end.


This is going to be a big snake. Coil it up and enjoy!

Thank you. Enjoy this pattern. Make it, Gift it, Sell what you make, but please don’t resell the pattern. Fiber Magick and logo are registered trademarks.

Stay Crafty, Opal Luna


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