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The Strega's Blue Moon

Updated: Jan 2

Strega Blue Moon Bona Sera Tonight we will continue our look at Italian witchcraft. The Ways of the Strega are much like those of the elder witches of any other culture. They want you to eat something, sit down and relax, and to not be so hard on yourself. You got this. *Light blue sage incense to break the evil eye* Incense is passed around while the chant is said.

L’occhi ah occhi Ti lievo l’occhio Discuperta l’capo ali piede Quello che ti fatto malo Io ti fatzio bene Eye for an eye I remove this evil eye I wrap it from your head to your toes Whoever has done you harm I will make it better

Prayer to Diana from The Magick Grimoire of Lady Sheba, 1975

O My Goddess, Diana, hear my song of adoration. Hear my voice when I sing Thy praises. Hear my songs as they rise heavenward, when the Full Moon, brightly shining, fills the heavens with Thy beauty. O my beautiful Moon Goddess, hear me as I stand before Thee. See me when I reach toward heaven when my arms reach upward toward Thee. When the Full Moon shines upon me, give me Thy blessings, O Diana. Teach me of Thine ancient mysteries, ancient rites of invocation that the Holy Strega spoke of, for I believe the Strega's story: when she spoke of Thy shining glory, when she told us to entreat Thee, told us when we seek for knowledge to seek and find Thee above all others. Give us wisdom, O Diana: how to bind our oppressors, how to cure the sick among us. Teach me, O Diana. Give me Thy blessings, O Great Moon Goddess. Shield me from my oppressors. Receive me as your child. Receive me, though I am earth-bound. Grant me ancient knowledge. When my body lies resting nightly, speak unto my inner spirit; teach me all Thy holy mysteries. I believe Thine ancient promise, Thy promise unto the ancient Srega that we who seek Thy holy presence will receive Thy Wisdom. Now the Full Moon shines upon me. Hear me! I stand before Thee! Grant me wisdom! O Diana! Shield me from my oppressors! Teach me Thine holy mysteries! I sing Thy praises unto the heavens. Let Thy glory shine about me. Bless us, O gracious Queen of Heaven. Descend Thou among us; Descend and conquer, Gracious Goddess.

*Light blue candles* Turn off lights* Light the blue flame*

The blue flame of the Holy Strega is very appropriate tonight as we are in the midst of the energy of the Blue Moon.

The very term “blue moon” is over 400 years old when Shakespeare first wrote the words “blue moon” to mean rare or absurd. The rarity of a full moon appearing twice in one month, or a forth full moon appearing in an astronomical season

must have inspired the great playwright to coin the term.

Even if those ancient Strega dancing under the boughs of the Walnut tree in Benevento didn’t call the phenomenon Azzurro Luna they surely saw it as a special moon.

Through the ages folx have come up with all sorts of superstitions regarding the Blue Moon. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Good deeds will be multiplied but a robbery will fail.

It’s a great idea to pick flowers and berries during a blue moon, as it will bring more abundance, love and beauty into your life.

If you see the blue moon take a coin and turn it over in your pocket for good luck. JIf you want to have a baby, turn the bed down and catch the light of the blue moon so that you’ll be more fertile.

Never sleep with the moon on your face, draw the blinds to prevent lunacy.

Looking at a blue moon through glass is considered bad luck for 30 days.

To get rid of a wart, blow on it nine times while the blue moon is full.

A blue moon is a sign that Change is coming.

A blue moon contains twice the power of regular full moon

Since we only get to see a blue moon every 3 years or so it is an opportunity to set some long-term manifesting in motion. If what you need is not time sensitive the best way to achieve it is to set it and forget it. Start thinking about what you want to see happen in the next 3 years.

Any full moon magick is super moon magick during a blue moon. A good time to make some moon water.

I don’t leave mine out all night.

I turbo charge it with poem, prayer or by singing to it.

"In the light of the Full Moon, I am loved

Offering my prayers to rise above,

The thoughts and the fears that hold me down

From thriving on this Earth as she spins around.

In the light of the Full Moon, I am peace,

Offering my heart to be released,

From the things that no longer serve my soul

Knowing now that I am whole."

Crystals that can and can’t go into water. It’s good to know which crystals are safe to put into the water. Some softer stones will dissolve and put toxins in the water.

This Super Blue Moon is in Pisces, so all the feels are coming through. This will affect the elements differently so it’s helpful to have a guideline as to how to react to the emotions.

Read elemental suggestions.

Call and respond the affirmations.

I made moon wash with various crystals on it. I used a clear casserole dish with the lids inverted so the crystals could be arranged on top. The knob on the lid is submerged in the water for contact between the stones and the water. This way you can use any stones and make a crystal grid.

I put some in a blue bottle, so I know when it was made. We will use this special blue moon water during our PPD ritual. One correspondence of the color blue is communication so we will use it to activate the messages we will be sending to Spirit. You can charge other things besides water. Berry Blast Powerade that we will use a little later for instance.

Another blue attribute is willpower. We can imbibe that attribute in ourselves or others through a blue food. These dried blueberries where left out under the moon with the water.

Dark chocolate bits were added for the endorphins. When I’m having a struggle I can give myself a boost of willpower with a treat. Yes, the placebo effect is a real thing, and it actually works better when you know that’s what you’re doing. Brains are magick. Understanding this is a Strega’s power. When she makes a tea or salve for an illness, she also makes a pouch or amulet using the same herbs and oils for the patient to wear or hang in sight. This speaks to the spiritual and emotional facets of the person in addition to the physical. Modern medicine is now catching up with this revelation.

In true Strega fashion, All the various aspects of all that we are will be addressed in the blue moon recharge we are about to do. We will wash away what no longer serves us in the moon wash. Then imbibe what we want to manifest with blue food and drink. Then light a blue candle and dance like those witches of the ancient groves.

Now let’s take all the power we have collected from this Super Blue Moon and use it to recharge and set a path toward positive change in our lives.

Blue Moon Recharge

Breathe deeply and call to mind what no longer serves you.

Wash it away with the Blue Moon Wash

Call to your mind what you want to manifest

Imbibe the willpower to create the manifestation

with Blue food and drink

Choose a candle and cup it in your hands

Call to your mind what you want this manifestation to look like

Place the candle in a foil and light a blue candle

Imagine your intent vaporizing and give to the Universe

Dance to blue music until you are spent

As we will it so mote it be

Magick done under a blue moon is usually meant for long term results. It may take until the next blue moon for your intentions from tonight to fully manifest, but you will see progress right away. This is the best way to ensure permanent change. Practice makes permanent. Nothing is perfect. The next blue moon will be May 31, 2026, if you would like to mark your calendars.

Meanwhile remember to eat something, sit down and relax, and don’t be so hard on yourself. You got this.

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