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The Crochet Language

The Crochet Language

For the first half of my crochet life I never used a pattern. I've made hundreds of granny squares. I looked at the pictures and did my best to make something like it. I made up my own teddy bears and blankets without writing anything down. Sometimes I was able to reproduce the item. Sometimes I was not. Crocheting by "ear" so to speak, just like I sing.

A new world opened to me after I forced myself to understand the crochet pattern. Much like learning a new language, I now speak fluently. So can you. There are many, many YouTube videos on learning to crochet and how to read patterns. I watch videos like this all the time to keep learning and incorporating new ideas and techniques. I'll leave you to that but with this one thought. Crochet patterns have been using text speak for generations. All you have to do is break the code and it will get a lot easier. LOL

See what I did there? Laughing out Loud. Here's some more, crochet style: Ch…Chain St…stitch Sl st...slip stitch Sc…single crochet. You get the idea.

The video here is a great introduction to reading patterns. The young woman who does these videos does a wonderful job at explaining things clearly. I follow her and would recommend you do too.

Ok, Time to take it to the next level.

I have heard it said that it only takes a 10% change to a pattern to make it your own. If this is true, then I have been creating original patterns all along. So very often I set out to follow a pattern. I long to see the finished product look identical to the picture. Then I go off on my own yarn Adventure. What I end up with is something similar but not exactly like the pattern. That's okay, sometimes it's better.

Discipline is the needed ingredient. Quite often I lack the discipline to follow directions to the letter. Of course, allowing the spirit to move me at will is how I ended up creating my path. It's all good but, Magick needs intention.

This is Fiber Magick after all so let's get intentional. I have mustered up the discipline necessary to write down some of my patterns. I will start with the sigils so I can do it over and over, writing and rewriting each step. Whew! When satisfied (or exhausted) I will, hopefully, end up with the ultimate pattern for each of my creations. By "Ultimate" I mean a basic design that will result in a good-looking piece every time. May you find the discipline to follow them exactly. Then after you have accomplished the pattern as written I hope you will expand it to add your 10%. Blessed Be.

Also, most of my patterns, especially in the case of these sigils, will translate into spell work and meditations. This will add energy to your finished item. The item then becomes a magickal tool. The focus you develop in following the pattern will then become the focus you put into your intention. This can be serious work but never make it too serious. Remember to have fun with it and always...

Stay Crafty,

Blessed Be


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