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The Tree of Life (if all else fails)

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

My yoga practice is for my mind as much as my body. I look forward to the rest periods between each pose as a chance to gather my thoughts. And catch my breath. Lately my thoughts are geared towards creating more of a magical practice through crochet. Much thought has been given to each stitch and what element or deity they might represent. Foundation chains for Earth possibly and a triple crochet for the triple goddess, etc. From there do we assign the stitches clockwise or will the number of stitches determine the direction? Hmmm...

This will go beyond sigils and poppets to actual spell work. We can build the energy row upon row, then banish with a pull of the thread. Weaving materials through the web, changing colors as we go. I have been asked to crochet a web from yarns gathered during the Samhain service next week at the UU. But the sort of working I suggest here, this may or may not end in a tangible item. The act of doing it may be the magick.

It becomes a blur...

I can just about grasp it...

I need more yoga.

Meanwhile here is an excellent use of Fiber Magick that creates the tree of life. I originally found this pattern at 365 Crochet so I must mention that.

This is what I did with the finished pattern...

I think I shall make a bag with this sigil as well.

Hope you give it a try and watch for that crochet magick. I feel we are right on the Cusp.

Stay Crafty,

Opal Luna

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