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A Daily Dose of Fiber Magick

Each day of the week is named after a different deity and holds its own brand of magick.

Taking note of the day of the week when performing Fiber Magick will add another layer to the spell. Here are patterns found in the book Fiber Magick. A Witch's Guide to Spellcasting with Crochet, Knotwork, and Weaving and the day of the week which would add an extra punch to your crafting.

Monday - Elemental Mojo Bag pg. 123

Making this bag on a Monday will add the blessings of the moon and the fertility associated with the moon's cycle. The spell you create in this bag will promote growth in abundance. Fill it with allspice to grow wealth, anise to increase psychic ability, or dried apple to encourage peace of mind.

Tuesday - Warrior Bear pg. 242

Mars and Aries and Tyr, oh my. This bear will conquer all the nightmares if born on a Tuesday. Add a pinch of fennel seed deep in his stuffing to empower them to guard against evil and mayhem.

Wednesday - Chakra Doll pg. 159

Your Chaka Doll is all about healing, long distance healing, so the communication skills of Mercury would be a boon to your efforts. A Chakra Doll born on a Wednesday would keep the crystals in those pockets up to the highest vibration.

Thursday - Drawstring Magickal Bag pg. 137

The Drawstring Magickal Bag can be made using multiples of any number. Start with 6 for insight, 7 for luck, 8 for success. And if you make it on the "Thorsday" you will do the god of thunder proud. Keep your dice or runes in a bag like that.

Friday - Power Cloth pg. 203/ Bath Salt Bag pg.204

Friday belongs to Venus and Freya. Create what you need for a bath ritual and show yourself a bit of love. There is even a recipe for the bath salts to perform the Love Yourself Spell.

Saturday - Door Wards pg. 234

Many of us take the time on Saturday to clean the house and catch up on all the chores that have piled up during the work week. That is the perfect day for such chores. Saturn rules Saturday and can help cleanse away not only the physical debris but the spiritual as well. After the house is clean set your door wards to keep out the unwelcome.

Sunday - Wish Bowls pg. 139

With all the chores done it is now time to think about beginning the new week off right. Consider what you would like to see manifest in your life and create it in your wish bowl.

So Mote It Be

Now you see the idea. Think about what day it is the next time you sit down to do your brand of Fiber Magick. See if the energy of the day might enhance your intentions.

If you don't have your copy of the book yet you can get one at

Stay Crafty, Opal Luna

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