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Italian Witchcraft

Updated: Jan 2

Italian Witchcraft Con Le Sorelle Strega Strega – Witch Originally Outsiders called us Strega or Practitioners of Stregoneria. We take the slur back.

Stregone – Male Witch Stregheria – Wicca with Italian herbs and spices

Raven Grimassi created this beautiful modality based on the principals of Wicca. It follows the Celtic wheel of the year and

includes the Roman pantheon as well as ancient Etruscan gods and goddesses. Stregoneria – Italian Witchcraft or root work Ancient practitioners would have just called it their Way. Zingara /Zingaro – Gypsy **************************************** Six Principals of Stregoneria 1 – We are Aradia. We have sovereignty of personal power. We contain Source whether we choose to call it Source, Deity, Universal Mind, Love, or like Einstein did Zero Point Energy. 2 – The Earth and the Cosmos are sacred. The Cosmos is a living being, the Earth is its child, and we must ask permission to use any of its resources. 3 – Physical death is not final. Energy cannot be destroyed. 4 – The gift of divination is being able to tap into the energy and gain insight to make better decisions. We all have free will. 5 – The law of Cause and Effect. We have not only the right but also the responsibility to defend our own. Reflecting evil back on the doer causes no backlash. 6 – Living by fairness, justice, compassion, and integrity. Conducting ourselves according to our conscience. ****************************************** Lare are the House Spirits This includes the ancestors as well as benevolent Fae Fauni (Spirits of the Plants) Every herb or flower we work with is a living being that must be willing to work with us. Silvani (Spirits of the Trees) Monachetti (Woodland Spirits - Gnome-like) In the North (Earth) - The Pala Spirit Realm (includes the Fauni, Silvani and Monachetti) In the South (Fire) - The Settiano Realm (Dragons) In the East (Air) - The Bellarie Realm (The Fata/Fae, Folletti (Wind riders) and Linchetti (Dream weavers) And in the West (Water) - The Manii Realm - Water Nymphs The Spirits of Place (Genius Locii), Time, Tribe, Ancestors, and the Watchers *************************************** Cooking is a big part of the everyday practice Never curse in the kitchen. Never cook when you are angry or sad. Your energies will affect the food you make and feed those feelings to your family The Monastic Rhythm of Meals Sunday for Ritual you get up and make the gravy, enough for leftovers. Each family will have their own order to add the ingredients and how long each step simmers. Consider the correspondences of those ingredients. Monday for Wealth you have soup with beans. Tuesday for Cleansing you have Chicken and potatoes with lots of rosemary. Wednesday for Reflection you have pasta with the leftover gravy Thursday (pay day) for Thanks you have fresh foods. Breads, cold cuts, veggies Friday for Mindfulness you have fish if Catholic, roast if not and acknowledge that life is always sacrificed for life. Saturday for the Ancestors you make bone broth or pizza dough, perform divinations and play games as a family. **************************************************** Holidays Practitioners of Stregheria (Grimassi) celebrate an Italian-style Wheel of the year based on the Celtic. Shadow Fest (Samhain), Festa dell’ Inverno (Winter Solstice/Yule), Festa di Lupercus (Imbolc), Primavera (Spring Equinox/Ostara), Tana’s Day (Beltane), Festa dell’ Estare (Summer Solstice/Litha), Cornucopia (Lughnasa), and Autunno (Autumn Equinox/Mabon). If you want to go back to ancient Roman times you have dozens more to add such as Lupercalia, the Quinquatria, and Saturnalia. There is quite possibly a lesser Roman holiday for everyday of the year. Look up your birthday and see what you share a celebration with. ************************************************ The Evil Eye What is the Evil Eye? – A curse / Negative energy What can it cause? – Injuries, Illness, misfortune, accidents Ways to get it – Making eye contact with a malevolent person Accepting backhanded compliments or flattery Ways to keep from getting it – Use the mirror technique Wear a protective charm or make a protective gesture Cimaruta, Mono in fica, Mano corno, Cornetto, Bobbo

How can it be broken? – Water and Oil technique You will Need – Bowl of water, Salt, Olive Oil, Candle, Needle

L’occhi ah occhi Ti lievo l’occhio Discuperta l’capo ali piede

Quello che ti fatto malo Io ti fatzio bene

Eye for an eye I remove this evil eye I wrap it from your head to your toes Whoever has done you harm I will make it better

Prepare the salted water and slowly drop oil in it. If the oil drops separate those are the evil eyes. Heat the needle and break the “eyes” with a satisfying hiss while chanting in Italian or English.

Symbols on the Cimaruta –

Rooster – Banish Darkness

Key – Knowledge

Moon – Goddess

Dagger – Diana’s bow

Vervain Flower – Protection

Thanks for playing with me. Stay Crafty, Opal Luna

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