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Mythical Creatures and You

Updated: Jan 2

Meditation and visualization are both very airy activities taking place in the mind and engaging all the senses by way of imagination. Let’s send some lovely music out into the air, and the scent of lavender to make us dreamy. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking out into a field of lavender, beautiful, fragrant, lavender. The air is warm, but the breeze cools your skin and swirls the scent around your head till you are just a little dizzy but in a good way. You are positively floating on the breeze when you spy four majestic creatures in the middle of the field. You decide to take a closer look. Well, on closer inspection you find that there are three majestic creatures, a Gryphon, with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. There is a dragon with pearlescent scales reflecting the Sun. Also, a Pegasus, a flying horse, with wings as white as the clouds in the sky. And there is a fourth creature, what is that? Is that a pig?

Suddenly the Earth beneath your feet starts to rumble and the ground surrounding the lavender meadow begins to crack. Out of the ground like a giant’s fingers come shards of Smoky quartz crystals to impossible heights. There is no time to lose. Quickly you must choose a creature and climb upon it’s back. You know you are taking a risk here, but you choose to trust your intuition and go for it. Fortunately, your stead seems to understand your need and the second you settle atop the mighty beast it jumps into the air and soars up and over the Smoky towers. Up, up, up into the clouds you go. It is exhilarating, it is exciting, it is terrifying, but just before you begin focusing your mind to conjure a parachute you remember the music and the scent of the lavender, and you calm yourself enough that you notice that your flying partner is speaking to you. Don’t be rude. Listen for a while and fly among the clouds with your newfound friend.


You and your friend have been flying for quite a while now. The clouds are taking on the rosy hues of sunset. As you look out over the horizon you notice the clouds taking on a vibrant bubble gum kind of pink. Oh, for goodness sakes. It’s the pig. And someone is riding it. Someone chose the flying pig. I guess they needed the impossible to happen. Anything can happen up here in the mind’s eye, riding a mythical creature through the clouds. It looks like things have settled down again on the ground though, so your stead lands effortlessly, and you slide off their back and onto the ground like it is second nature to you. Bid farewell for now. You can return anytime and talk and fly again. But for now, listen to the music and smell the lavender and when you are ready stretch and breathe and open your eyes.

Which creature did you choose and what could it mean?

Gryphon – You were drawn to its strength. Both the Lion and the Eagle are regal creatures. You will need stand strong to get through. Maybe you spoke of your hidden strengths and ways to bring them to the forefront.

Dragon – You were drawn to its passion. The element of fire was added to the air, and it will cause you to move. Maybe you spoke of dreams you have on that back burner.

Pegasus – You were drawn to its speed. You have a plan. You know the direction. It is time to hit the ground running and then soar to new heights. No time for much talk.

Pig – You were drawn to its whimsy. Sometimes the only way to make the impossible happen is to keep a sense of humor. Maybe you shared some stories of how that worked in the past.

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